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Dustin LindenSmith

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mos def

over 8.7 gigabytes of downloadable software

Ever surf through Archive.org's Way-Back Machine?

Here's their earliest copy of Microsoft's home page from 1996. And here's a description of Microsoft.com's architecture (circa 1996), which says how they have 8.7 GB of software online.

And remember Napster? The original one? Here's Napster's site circa 2000.

I'm having a block about other good sites to check out, though. Anyone else have any good ones to suggest?
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kumaraka December 5th, 2005
awesome! thanks!

fickleasever December 5th, 2005
Nope, but I have added you, because I've been reading your entries for the past three days now and there's a lot I like. Add me back if you want, I mostly post links to sites I like. Um, and I've a list of tags too, so entries should be easy to find.

iamom December 5th, 2005
Thanks for the heads-up, I added you too.

I spent a minute trying to figure out your username before reading it in your bio. A bio which is, in my opinion, lengthy (600+ words) but very well-written. So well written, in fact, that I wonder why there's so little writing in your LJ. Do you have somewhere else that you also write?

Your LJ is great, though. Good repertoire of links you have.

fickleasever December 5th, 2005

Yeah, it is lengthy. One day it may be very short. Another day it might be lengthy again. I'm fickle. Hence the name!

I have a paper diary I write personal stuff in. But I don't write in it every day anymore.

Thanks for adding back. There's a friends only entry from a week or so back that might tell you a bit more... or not!

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