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Dustin LindenSmith

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mos def

2 fonk-ass grooves...

...both by the original underground hip-hop gangstress and incredibly tight bassist Me'Shell Ndegéocello:

Who Is He And What Is He To You (6.6 MB MP3)
from her 1996 album Peace Beyond Passion (amazon.ca | amazon.com)

Shoot'n Up and Gett'n High (6 MB MP3)
from her 1993 album Plantation Lullabies (amazon.ca | amazon.com)

Haven't heard any of her more recent albums. The sample that plays on her website sounds like a heavy-handed mix of dub and trip-hop. Lotta low end, of course, with her being a bassist and all. With her playing the most important instrument in the band, and all that. Whatever -- it's all about the groove for me.

(x-posted here to Cousin Marc's Diggin' Through The Crates audioblog)