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Dustin LindenSmith

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A "real" status report on New Orleans?

Via the interdictor LJ, this recent entry gives a reality check about how things are going there right now. An excerpt:
New Orleans East cannot be described; it can only be seen. You must drive through it. What you see on television is nothing. Nothing. You have not seen devestation until you have driven through NOE. There is no life -- mammalian, avian -- nothing outside the plant kingdom (and whatever mold falls into). It is uninhabitable and must be bulldozed. This will take decades. Yes, the cleanup will take decades. In fact, it's likely that the cleanup will never be complete.
Wonder what other people are noticing in the area. There was a good documentary on CBC Radio One about it last week, but that was one of those heartwarming family-reunited-rebuilding-their-homes kinda thing...

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fickleasever December 8th, 2005
One of my friends (on my flist) is from New Orleans (but not able to live there any longer), so I'm 'up' on what's happening there. It's terrible... but there's also a lot of good happening there as well, which also doesn't tend to get reported by the media.

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