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Dustin LindenSmith

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moby speaks out about misogyny (and I go on a rant too)

define misogyny

Big shout out to Moby, who just wrote a good blog post about misogyny in pop culture and music (also viewable through his LJ feed). His post got me thinking again about how ever since I bought tickets to 50 Cent's Halifax show Dec 14th, I've been regretting the purchase because it supports an artist who, no matter how much I dig some of his actual music, has a truly reprehensible attitude towards women. Until recently I didn't really care about that (or more precisely, I didn't really notice it, because I only started listening to the lyrics in rap music about six months ago), but now I notice it and now I care about it.

The main thing that pisses me off about most commercial gangsta rap is that it's overtly misogynistic (or at least, heavily disrespectful towards women) for it's own sake and enjoyment, and I think that's a harmful attitude to promote with the young people who listen to this music. Promoting these attitudes doesn't help anybody: it doesn't help to raise awareness of the plight of poor people living in the hood, and it doesn't help to lift anybody up or to inspire anyone to reach for a higher ideal or to live a better life or to treat sisters with respect. There's a LOT of young kids in the hood who could use some truly positive role models to emulate, and guys like Fiddy and Eminem (along with girls like Ciara, Britney, Ashlee, Hilary, et al) ain't cuttin' it. They're just cashing in and making a bundle without caring about what's coming through.

Most R&B and Urban music is no better; at least, not what I ever see on Muchmusic or BET. No doubt, watching a bunch of hard-bodied, beautiful and sexy women dancing around on a sound stage might be entertaining in its own right, but it has no musical merit and it sure as hell contributes nothing to the cultural landscape. At least, nothing worth saving: it's mindless entertainment, and it's not real music. Ciara, Usher, and all those other cats all fall directly into that category for me. It's all total crap, musically.

Addendum: You might as well add Diana Krall to my rant, too. Jazz musician or sex symbol? You decide. The picture of her on the front page of her website (taken from her new album cover, below) borders on soft porn, for chrissakes. And she can actually play her damned instrument!!!

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grammardog December 8th, 2005
Thanks for posting that link. Interesting to hear that kind of an opinion from someone in the music biz.

So what are you going to do with the tickets?

iamom December 8th, 2005
Valid question. And perhaps disingenuously, I'm still going to go to the show, and I'll probably still have a good time, too. But going forward, I'm going to be more mindful about this, and I'll try to make decisions about music purchases that are more well-informed than they have been in the past.

lordsluk December 9th, 2005
Diana Krall? Porn? Naa.

iamom December 9th, 2005
Dude, did you look at that picture? Look at it again:

I agree it's not all the way porn, but it's... highly suggestive, if not overtly sexual. She's splayed out in a chaise longue, her dress is hiked up to her thighs, her legs are spread open and she's wearing 4-inch stilettos.

I'm no prude, not in the least, but geez -- look at that picture! It goes far beyond her standard I-Am-A-Hot-Blonde-Pianist look. It's a pose that's looking for a foothold on the boundary wall of soft porn.

fickleasever December 9th, 2005
Two thoughts.
To me the picture looks like she's unfortunately had a crumpled green bin (garbage) bag dumped on her and she looks like she's gonna have got up with one helluva backache.

And... what would be the word for women who hate men? We hear a lot about misogyny but not its opposite. There must be a lot of it about.

Aside from all that, thanks for this post.

jacksachingknee December 10th, 2005
a fun wikipedia article about misandry, the "hatred of men":

fickleasever December 10th, 2005
Yeah, had a look...

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