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Dustin LindenSmith

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tenzin gyatso

Smack the Penguin

Thanks to fickleasever, I think it was, I've just reacquainted myself with this most excellent, ridiculously addictive winter game called Smack The Penguin. The position at which the penguin is situated in his cliff dive in the following picture corresponds roughly to the point at which I click the mouse to make the Abominable Snowman swing his bat.

Smack the Penguin

my best recorded distance: 319.3

my best recorded popfly distance: 204.2

I swear I'm not taking the game too seriously, though. Honest. I've only played it for like 20 minutes tonight.

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lordsluk December 10th, 2005
**smacks his penguin**

I make the obvious joke, because someones got to!

In awe....

kiki_the_great December 10th, 2005
Last Christmas, it was dead at work, and we ended up playing this game for *hours*... this is a very very good score....

addictive, isn't it? :D

fickleasever December 10th, 2005
Highest I managed was a 'one last try before bed' feeble excuse last night and I got 317.1

Not done better than that. Yet.


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