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Dustin LindenSmith

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Herbie's Hancock's latest

I'm not all the way nuts about Herbie's more recent recordings (my favourite albums of his are generally from the 60s and 70s -- for more, see this post and/or my music download page), and I haven't heard the entirety of his latest CD, called Possibilities (amazon.ca | amazon.com | froogle), although I am interested in it. It features duets with cats like Sting, Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, Annie Lennox, John Mayer, Christina Aguilera, Jonny Lang and Joss Stone, and more. Sting tears it up from the clip I heard, as does Christina, who has a hell of a set of pipes.

You can check out some sound clips on this page of Herbie's site or via iTunes or Rhapsody, and I also recommend watching the short video montage of the recording sessions (Windows | QuickTime | Real). I love watching Herbie speak and play -- he's so chill, so calm and collected, so focused. Might be partly due to his longstanding Buddhist practice, but whatever the case, he's got his shit together. Musical pioneer and all that.