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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Rick Mercer has a blog now

The Canadian federal election campaign is now in full swing, and I've been enjoying the coverage so far. But this [fictional] campaign update from Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin on comedian Rick Mercer's blog really cracked me up. This great highlight:
Actually I might just sit back and watch Belinda kick Harper’s ass in Ontario old school. The woman is on fire! She was at the Canadian Club yesterday and she defended joining my government by saying “It’s not where you sit it’s where you stand!”

Not a bad line! Personally I think she should have said what I told her to say:

“Well the thing is, well, umm standing and sitting are of course, entirely different… and umm therefore when I went into public life I was er...committing to a course of action that involved sitting down for what is right unless of course standing was required which is a position that I have always held.”
I actually believe that Paul Martin has a good brain, but he's an astoundingly inarticulate public speaker and a zen master of the political dialect that issues forth countless paragraphs of dull verbiage that are completely bereft of content and logical insight.

Granted, he still makes a bit more sense than Dubya. Marginally, anyway. Fewer redunancies, at least. I just heard a sound byte today from Bush in which he said, "Illegal immigrants that cross our borders illegally are breaking our laws." Brilliant. Truly concise, cutting analysis, that. Don't know what we'd do without such high levels of intelligence in the U.S. Commander-in-Chief.