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Dustin LindenSmith

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U.S. Military Clamps Down On Soldiers' Blogs


Blogs by soldiers, also called milblogs, are being shut down almost as fast as they're established, according to this article in Bloggers Blog. The military has attempted to establish milblog registration through the chain of command, which has resulted in a bunch of squeaky-clean, patriotic bullshit blogs that don't actually provide any insight into the true soldier's experiences in Iraq and elsewhere.

Freedom of speech issues abound, but as usual with this administration, they're trumped by so-called "National Security." Luckily many soldiers are still finding ways to get their personal thoughts online, though. This Wired.com story about milblogs has more details, and this Yahoo directory page also lists several milblogs.

Three other milblog directories were also listed by the Bloggers Blog entry I referenced at the top of this post: Blogs of WarMilblogging.com, and Blog Catalog. And of course, my favourite means to find stuff remains through Google: here's a Google blogsearch for milblogs + one more on Military Blogs.

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vyus January 5th, 2006
altho it sucks, it doesn't surprise -- when someone joins the us military, they waive a lot of rights.

shannonmariah January 7th, 2006
We went to Georges P. Vanier together for one year. And we both read grammardogs blog. Small world.

iamom January 7th, 2006
That's so trippy!! I haven't met many others who went to that school. Of course, it was small. I see we overlapped a bit, but I don't recognize you from your userpics. I was there from 85-88. I had Todd Cave and Vicky Hansen for gym, Earl Paddock for band, Sylvie Monfette for French, Rand Harker for English... And do you remember a student named Christian Malcolm?

Thanks for saying hi. You in Calgary now, teaching? C'est bien. Le reste de ma famille habite à Calgary; moi, j'ai déménagé à Halifax avec ma nouvelle épouse en 1996.

shannonmariah January 7th, 2006
Wow, what an amazing memory you have! I couldn't have pulled out those teachers names from my brain. But seeing them triggers stuff: I also have Cave (my mother had the HUGEST crush on him, much to my step-father's chagrin) and Hansen. I had Monfette (she used to call me Shannoooon!) too. Christian sounds very familiar. I was friends with two older kids, Karen Bradfield who dated Ryan ... something. I should go dig out my gr. 7 yearbook, you'd be in that, I suspect as a gr.9er.

I'm in Lacombe (15 min. N of Red Deer) teaching French. C'est fou! What do you do in Halifax?

whonowz January 7th, 2006
Many of these blogs could be hoaxes too, there is always a lot of negative propaganda being pushed wherever possible. If they are legit they'll probably find most of them soon, all eventually. Then there will be punishment for disobeying orders, etc. When I was in they told us we were no longer considered citizens but were regarded (literally) as U.S. property. I remember being told that if I got sunburned bad enough to have to go on sick call (missing work) I'd get punished under Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), for damaging government property.

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