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Dustin LindenSmith

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Okay, the new Apple notebooks are finally announced....

It's called the MacBook Pro, and it has a 1.67 or 1.83 GHz dual-proc Intel chipset, which, by Apple's measurements, will make it 4 or 5 times faster than the PowerPC-chipped PowerBooks from last week.

Does anyone reading this have an opinion on this yet? I want to buy a new Mac notebook but I'm not sure if I should stay away from a first-generation release of a brand-new technology like this...

Engadget's early post on it is here, along with several comments.

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(Anonymous) January 10th, 2006
I think I would stay away from this... Who know's what kind of problems Mac is going to run into switching their proc. over to Intel. I'd wait a while at least until you can read some reviews, or until the problems (if there even are any) get solved.

I am also considering getting one of these but I think I'll wait just to be safe.


twid January 11th, 2006
agreed, why not wait at least until they start shipping and you see some reviews and benchmarks?

i think they will rock, but you might as well let someone else be the guinea pig.

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