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Dustin LindenSmith

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Nondual poetry and insights compiled by Mark Otter

The most recent Nondual Highlights (Yahoo!Groups Issue #2371 | RSS feed | NDH on Nonduality.com) are worth reading almost in their entirety. This issue was edited by Mark Otter, and it focuses on the importance of inward-turned attention and self-awareness in the search to discover your true nature.

He who has gained the fourth state and sees all as one, only he knows God truly as Being-Consciousness-Bliss. Words cannot express nor the ears hear how such a one is united with God; it is a matter of realization. But there are ways and means for such realization. They can be spoken of, learned and acted upon.

-- unknown author from Ellam Ondre (All Is One), recommended by Ramana Maharshi
The most straightforward advice on how to discover your true nature is this: practice not causing harm to anyone neither yourself nor others and every day, do what you can to help.

-- Pema Chodron, posted to DailyDharma
Once I was asking for a clue as the best practice in my spiritual search while being in a Sat Sang with my teacher. What at the end of his talk sounded as an answer for this, was his very clear recommendation:

"Pay attention to attention"

* * * * *

In my view attention to attention is quite important. Whether it is attention to attention, or perhaps more accurately awareness of attention, what is significant actually is to really, fully, and deeply investigate the entire matter of attention.

When so investigating it is relevant to consider the relationship of "focus" to attention. Can there be attention without focus? Is focus necessarily sharp? Or can focus be soft and diffuse?

And in the same vein, can attention be soft and diffuse? And if so, just how diffuse can it possible be?

Also important is to investigate what is the relation between attention and awareness. And I mean investigate in actuality. Thinking about it is worthless, worse even as it deludes one into thinking one has investigated when in fact one has not.

There are amazing discoveries awaiting one who truly investigates these areas.

-- Bill Rishel, posted to AdvaitaToZen
When we concentrate our attention on the origin of thought, the thought process itself comes to an end; there is a hiatus, which is pleasant, and again the process starts. Turning from the external world and enjoying the objectless bliss, the mind feels that the world of objects is not for it. Prior to this experience the un-satiating sense enjoyments constantly challenged the mind to satisfy them, but from the inward turn onwards its interest in them begins to fade. Once the internal bliss is enjoyed, the external happiness loses its charm. One who has tasted the inward bliss is naturally loving and free from envy, contented and happy with others’ prosperity, friendly and innocent and free from deceit. He is full of the mystery and wonder of the bliss. One who has realized the Self can never inflict pain on other.

-- Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj from Self Knowledge and Self Realization

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blue_by_you January 22nd, 2006
I enjoyed this entry very much.

Sonnymoon For Two.

jdquintette January 22nd, 2006
Nice icon.

That's Theodore, right?

Re: Sonnymoon For Two.

iamom January 23rd, 2006
Heh -- I've been waiting for weeks for somebody to recognize that! I should have known it would be you.

Do you recognize the actual photo? From the cover of Newk's Time?

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