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Dustin LindenSmith

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More on the work of photorealist painters

After recently tripping out on the work of Ralph Goings, I browsed through the website of a gallery where his work is exhibited and found a number of other amazing artists. I probably won't spend any more time on these, but I'd like to drop a few images in here for posterity. I'm really moved by the skill of these painters. The gallery in question is New York's Louis K. Meisel Gallery, and the artists page where all of these artists can be found is here.

I find the technical aspects of the vehicles, motorcycles, and landscapes to be truly remarkable. But I was also amazed by the sculpture of John Deandrea. Check out the skin tone on the legs of that sculpture! I cropped the thumbnail displayed to her lower legs, but if you click on the link it shows the full-body sculpture that he made.

Tom Blackwell

Ken Danby

Roberto Bernardi

Ron Kleeman

Hilo Chen

John Deandrea, sculptor
(image linked to full sculpture of nude)

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twid January 24th, 2006
your html is broken, my poor friend's list!

iamom January 24th, 2006
Really? Is it a Mac thing? It looks fine on my browser...

skygypsy January 24th, 2006
wow, really incredible!!
the boundaries artists can push in media and perception are so inspiring!
thanks for posting these and the other
(i love the reflection of the person in the bike tank)

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