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Dustin LindenSmith

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some notes on Ayurvedic info and principles

1 - ID your dominant dosha
2 - balance your doshas through proper diet and exercise (i.e. hatha yoga)

From Vasant Lad:

-- ayurveda is from the Sanskrit, meaning "Science of Life"
-- promotes proper balance in life through right thinking, right diet, right lifestyle
-- conceives of proper health in terms of health being order and disease being disorder; the goal is to bring the full body into balance and alignment, hence order, hence health
-- the physical universe is manifest in five elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth; certain combinations of these elements result in the three essential qualities of vata, pitta, and kapha
-- the cause of disease is rooted in an imbalance between (i.e. a deficiency or excess in) vata, pitta, and kapha

-- source elements: Space and Air
-- associated with movement: vata governs breathing, blinking, the circulatory system (pumping of the heart and working of the lungs) and all other physical movement associated with muscles and tissues
-- when in balance, vata produces creativity and flexibility
-- when out of balance vata produces anxiety and fear

-- source elements: Fire and Water
-- associated with the metabolic system: physical digestion, nutrition, metabolism, energy level and body temperature
-- when in balance, pitta produces understanding and intelligence
-- when out of balance, pitta produces anger, hatred,  and jealousy

-- source elements: Earth and Water
-- associated with the structural makeup of the body: bones, muscles, tendons, and the infrastructure of cells; also hydration, moisturization of the skin, and the immune system
-- when in balance, kapha expresses itself as love, calmness and forgiveness
-- when out of balance, kapha leads to attachment, greed, and excessive longing

Google searches and other resources:
-- ayurvedic diet vasant lad
-- ayurvedic diet robert svoboda
-- ayurvedic diet david frawley
-- doshas
-- Relationship between the 6 tastes and the doshas

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marcl January 26th, 2006
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