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a message to live music fans in the Halifax area

Our jazz quartet, Atlantic Standard Time, is playing this Friday, February 3rd, 2006, from 9 till midnight at the SOHO KItchen on Argyle Street (above Sackville).

In December, our group became the happy recipients of a NS Tourism and Culture recording grant. At our next gig, we'll be working out on the tracks we plan to lay down in the studio this Spring: a few modern-day jazz tunes; some pop tracks by Feist and Ron Sexsmith; some original grooves by Chris Elson and the rest of the band; and some funky improv over ambient grooves by Radiohead and hip-hopper Mos Def.

It would be our pleasure to see you out there. We thrive on seeing people digging our music when we play.


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grammardog January 31st, 2006
Congratulations on the grant!

marcl January 31st, 2006
You should hook somthing up and record the live session. I think that'd be pretty tight.

iamom January 31st, 2006
I don't know why I never thought of that, man. Thanks for reminding me. That's a good idea.

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