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Dustin LindenSmith

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Call for stories for Michael Moore's next documentary

This recent call for stories about personal health care disasters gives some background about Michael Moore's next major project. It looks like he's going to take a swipe at the HMOs throughout the US. From his article:
Have you ever found yourself getting ready to file for bankruptcy because you can't pay your kid's hospital bill, and then you say to yourself, "Boy, I sure would like to be in Michael Moore's health care movie!"?

Or, after being turned down for the third time by your HMO for an operation they should be paying for, do you ever think to yourself, "Now THIS travesty should be in that 'Sicko' movie!"?

Or maybe you've just been told that your father is going to have to just, well, die because he can't afford the drugs he needs to get better – and it's then that you say, "Damn, what did I do with Michael Moore's home number?!"
His writing style always makes me laugh a bit. It's never without a good dose of the histrionic. I also like his quip imploring us not to tell the HMOs that he's making this movie. "They think I'm making a romantic comedy!" he says.

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marcl February 3rd, 2006
He's pretty good, and he's usually got a good point - though it somtimes feels a bit one-sided... And he's always bringing up Flint Michigan! haha.

millennialhippy February 3rd, 2006
Can't wait to see it.

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