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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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some light reading

So little is happening to me right now, I thought I'd just keep dropping links to interesting people I've found. Here are some cool poems I found this morning from moesmith88:

Love Poem

Summer of '98 - goths

I like how this guy accepts himself so fully. He seems to have a healthy attitude about himself and his life. I think he's an actor too, who has taken a break from acting in order to have a regular day job or something. That shit can be hard to deal with for creative artists. Putting their art aside and taking a day job, that is. I never used to take myself seriously as a musician while I was studying music and trying to make a living from it, but now that I have a regular job and only play on the side (just like my dad always wished I would), I've realized that I'm actually a pretty serious musician. I think that's kind of ironic.

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So very close

moesmith88 June 7th, 2001
I used to be involved in theatre, but as a stage manager...I burned out on it a few years back and realized that I no longer felt the need to "create theatre" when I would sit in the booth, during a show, and wonder what was on t.v. that night. When those thoughts are going through your head, it's time to move on. I'm currently in-between gigs as a technical writer, just another statistic in the dot-com crash, looking for something to get me back on my feet again. Thank you for your kind words :)

iamom June 7th, 2001
Interesting. That other LJ user I mentioned to you in your website's guestbook, fey, has also been a technical writer. Poets must make good technical writers. I've always been sort of interested in doing that myself. I like the idea of composing a good user manual for a software program or something that people really enjoy using and come to rely on.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you directly - glad you stopped by. Continued best of luck with your job search, too. Is there any chance you could do some freelancing while you're looking for a new gig? I'm considering doing the same thing myself, and I'm learning that it's probably going to be a lot easier than I thought to get it up and running. There's a community on here somewhere for self-employed people, too. Might be worth checking out.

jaipur June 7th, 2001

Great poem!! That definitely captures it...

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