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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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busy times prevail, music begets enlightenment in action

Damn, I've been busy since we got back from the UK. It's been over a week now, and the pace still keeps up. Nothing bad about that though, I guess.

In times of busyness, I find it necessary to have frequent reminders of who I am. I hate letting go of a full immersion in consciousness at any point throughout the day.

Quiet breath in, eyes open and aware. Light breath out, the rmuscles relax and the psyche lays open.
Hit a groove milestone in a rehearsal with the group last night. Bob was laying down a fat, wide and wet backbeat with nice, loose hi-hats that splashed around like John Bonhams' in the opening to the Led Zeppelin track Rock 'N' Roll (from Led Zep IV). Adam kept it simple, a tight low bassline, and I can't remember what Chris or I were doing.

Can't remember because it fucking transcended the realm of ordinary consciousness, to be precise. I stood over in the corner, yelling in delight and dancing to that tight ass groove. When I put the horn to my mouth, the music burst through me uncontrolled.