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Dustin LindenSmith

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grammardog hits us with some wise words

Someone else I know, the excellent and eloquent grammardog, has just begun to expound on her motivations about eating and improving her physical health. I've been writing about that too lately, but under heavy cover of a very narrow friends filter. She makes me question the need to keep that discussion under wraps, though. From her entry:
Remember how I did that poll to find out who wanted to be on the weight/body image/food/exercise/fitness/wellness/health filter? Well, I've been thinking more about more about using it and finally talking about some of this stuff, and what my motivations are for doing that, and after all of your dedicated clicking, I've decided not to use the filter at all. LOVE ME ANYWAY. Instead, I'll do cuts for the folks who don't want to read that kind of thing. The reason I've decided to do things this way is that I feel like part of the secret to succeeding with this fucker Body Image is to just stop hiding shit so much. I have never discussed any attempt to improve my health openly, because of my fear of failure. Now, I am trying to adopt a different attitude... that I will always go through phases and lapses where sometimes I work harder than others and eat better than others, and also that it is not the end of the world to not reach my goals when I set them, because they can always be re-set, and probably they always will. I am taking this cue from my experiences with financial problems... the only time they have ever started to work themselves out is when I am honest and forthcoming with them, and not ashamed to talk about them. So, here's to liberation.

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blue_by_you March 1st, 2006
"here's to liberation"

I second that!

rhondak March 2nd, 2006
Here! Here!

I believe definitely in trends. I am going through a not so pretty, puffy, rotund, nose wrinkling phase. However, a beautiful one comes.

I am operating on my artistic output as positive feedback not the girth of my hindquarters.

iamom March 2nd, 2006
I am operating on my artistic output as positive feedback not the girth of my hindquarters.

GREAT line.

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