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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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initial research on Dalhousie University's English Department graduate programmes

1.) Basic Requirements for Masters Degree in English
a) Graduate Seminars
    -- must complete 6 half-year seminars (3 in Fall + 2 in Winter + Thesis Prospectus Class in Winter)
    -- at least 1 half-semester seminar must be related to chosen thesis area and at least 1 half-semester seminary must be unrelated to chosen thesis area
    -- 1 half-semester or full-semester seminar may be taken outside the Department of English (per approval of Graduate Ctee.)

b) Second Language Requirement
    -- MA students must be proficient in at least one other language (French is accepted)

c) Research Workshops

d) Thesis
    -- roughly 25,000 words (100 pages) in length, a 500-word prospectus for which is due Feb 15th, with the final copy being due in August
2.) List of Graduate Faculty (a selected list reflecting my areas of interest follows)
-- Carrie Dawson: Cdn & contemp. fiction, ecocriticism
-- Leonard Diepeveen: contemp. Am. lit., poetics, lit. and visual art
-- Ivana Djordjevic: theory & history of fiction, textual and editorial theory
-- David Evans: 19th/20th-c. lit., philosophy & lit., ecocriticism, pragmatism, Faulkner
-- Jason Haslam: 19th/20th-c. Am. lit., prison lit., science fiction, critical race/gender studies, Am. film
-- Dean Irvine: 19th/20th-c. Cdn. lit., modernism, cultural materialism, textual criticism, editing and editorial theory
-- Christina Luckyj: renaiss. drama, women's writing, feminism and performance criticism
-- David McNeil: novel, satire, interdisciplinary studies and popular culture
-- Ken Paradis: 20th-c. Am. culture, cultural theory
3.) 2006-2007 Graduate Seminars (a partial list focused on my interests is below)
-- John Thelwall and Romantic Print Culture on the Web (Judith Thompson)
-- Race, Religion, Gender and Nation in 19th Century Literature (Marjorie Stone)
-- Critical Theory: The Ethical Turn (Alice Brittan)
-- Traveling East (Teresa Heffernan)
-- The Postmodern Moment (Ken Paradis)
-- Editing Canadian Modernism (Dean Irvine)
-- Globalization and Contemporary Canadian Literature (Carrie Dawson)
-- Aesthetic Scandals of the 20th Century (Len Diepeveen)
-- Literary Labours (Dean Irvine)
4.) Admissions Requirements and Financial Aid Opportunities
-- application form, fee, undergrad transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, 500-word statement of intent, writing samples upon request
-- equivalent of a BA with Honours in English from Dal (Honours must have been taken if offered at the undergrad level) (a qualifying year for non-English majors is theoretically possible but rarely put in practice other than in the format of a 2-year MA which includes a qualifying year, and this is generally only offered to overseas students)
-- All grad students are entitled to some form of financial aid, and all Canadian applicants are also encouraged to apply for SSHRC grants

Department Contacts:
Graduate Program Coordinator: Trevor Ross, 494-6912, tross@dal.ca
Graduate Program Enquiries: Mary Beth MacIsaac, 494-6924, gradengl@dal.ca