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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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mouth hanging open

I'm completely tripping out on what an amazing community this is. I've been reading the LiveJournal Business community, and I came across a post with a million replies call talent pool. I'm amazed at the depth and breadth of this community, and overwhelmed by the possibilities inherent to it...

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kundalinidreams June 8th, 2001

I share the same sense that this community is fascinating because of the high level of personal initiative and creativity in it, the feeling that Livejournal is like having a look directly into the mass consciousness of the moment. It's an intriguing thing to be a part of.


iamom June 8th, 2001
Man, you're deep as hell. That's obvious from reading your journal, but it's cool that in such a passing, casual comment about LJ, you tell me that it's like looking directly in the mass consciousness. I totally agree with you. And thanks for stopping by.


kundalinidreams June 9th, 2001

Thank you for your generousness, I am happy to share a corner of the mass consciusness with you.

You raise some interesting reflections about non-duality in your journal, but I can't say I have any answers to these questions myself. I more or less simply ditched the entire subject when I couldn't find any satisfactory answers. They mey return some day.

"Hell" might be a more accurate description than "deep" where I am concerned. Thank you again for your kindess.


iamom June 11th, 2001
You've more or less ditched the subjest altogether? That's interesting. You haven't ditched the self-observation or analysis though, which I have found fundamental to the 'practice,' such as it is, of nonduality.

How would you characterize your world concept right now then, in the light of your recent awakenings and other insights into the nature of your Self?


kundalinidreams June 14th, 2001

The self observation and analysis is probably a defense mechanism and a habit, maybe even some kind of hard-wiring on part of the brain, than any conscious effort to practice, which I can't do. It seems I can't put effort into anything these days.

I practiced self-enquiry until I wasn't able to and that was my practice. Maybe the self- observation is a way to keep the plates of the mind together for the time the thoughts last? I don't know.

Characterise my world concept? I'd say everything is present as it is except me, a multitude of thoughts and some emotions. I speak and hear myself speak as if from a tape recorder (and you know how nice your own voice sounds when it's from a recording).

Human beings are different containers, self containing units of awereness, but there is also a big hole at the bottom of this container which is continuous with everyone's, I almost said "bottom", but that would be wrong :-), which is continous with the extended thought sitting behind everything.

Jean Klein was asked how his relationship to friends and family changed after he awakened and his reply was: "There is no relationship because there is no one else".

I'd say that is a truth which could be modified, but seeing how low the walls between one individual person is to the other disturbed me at first. Now I'm marvelling at how low these walls really are.

I take it this is something you recognise out of personal experience since you ask?


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