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Dustin LindenSmith

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bush hunger strike for nepal

You know you are a true Nova Scotian when you...

a. know the provincial flower (the mildew)

b. feel very guilty if you put one recyclable can or newspaper in the regular garbage

c. use the phrase "sunny breaks" and know what it means

d. can name 10 or more brands of rum

e. know more people who have boats than people who have airconditioning

f. stand for two minutes on a deserted street corner in the rain waiting for the "Walk" signal

g. know more people who heat with wood than with oil

h. can taste the difference between Tim Horton's, Starbucks and Wendy's coffees

i. know how to pronounce Antigonish, Musquodoboit and Tatamagouche

j. consider swimming to be an indoor sport

k. can tell the difference between Canadian and American food

l. consider nothing unusual about a weather forecast that says "rain followed by showers"

m. start wearing shorts as soon as the temperature gets above 5 Celsius

n. switch from sneakers to sandals when it gets above 10

o. know that anyone carrying an umbrella is either a wimp or a tourist, perhaps both

p. buy new sunglasses every year because you can't find the old ones after such a long time

q. carry jumper cables in your car, and your wife knows how to use them

r. refer to the four seasons as winter, still winter, road works and deer-hunting

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wickenden March 28th, 2006
My father's name line comes from Antigonish, in Havre Boucher. We're part of the Lavandier, Levangie, Lavange clan. His grandfather took off to boston and we later made contact with the Nova Scotia remnants up there through them discovering us in the phone book.

My Great-Grandmother (father's mother's mother) was born in Halifax, a Tory family kicked out of New England for late 1700 sins of non-revolution.

I've got Nova Scotia blood, but no sense.

iamom March 28th, 2006
Holy cow, man. What a small world. I would never have known you had ancient Nova Scotia roots.

I didn't grow up here, but my ancestors came from here, too. They're old Frasers from the Scottish highlands who landed at Pictou, not far from Antigonish, in the late 1700s.

grammardog March 28th, 2006
Ha... those are cute.

iamom March 28th, 2006
One of my favourites is the one about standing at a red light in the rain in the middle of the night waiting for the light to change. Haligonians are famous for not jaywalking!

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