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looking out

shortlist of web hosting providers

I've been researching content management platforms for powering ulisten.net, and after selecting the blogging engine WordPress, I discovered that they feature a number of web hosts that are streamlined to deal with their platform and also not very expensive. It also struck me that these hosts are advertising good deliverables for a reasonable price.

Here is the list of WordPress-friendly webhosts, along with the WordPress installation instructions for any web server . My synopsis of the best-looking hosts is below. I ended up choosing AN Hosting out of Chicago, and so far everything has been running smoothly. I'm just about to transfer three other domains to this new host though, so it remains to be seen how smoothly the final move will go.

NOTE: These plans have to be pre-paid for at least 1 year.

AN Hosting (Chicago, IL)
free domain name for life (up to 20 domains can be hosted on each account)
15 GB storage + 250 GB monthly transfer
PHP, Perl and MySQL
unlimited e-mail accounts

DreamHost (Brea, CA)
free domain name (unlimited domains can be hosted)
20 GB storage + 1 TB monthly transfer
3,000 e-mail accounts
$9.95/month ($7.95 if prepaid for 2 years)

BlueHost (Orem, UT)
free domain name (up to 6 domains and 20 subdomains can be hosted)
15 GB storage / 400 GB monthly transfer
2,500 e-mail accounts (web/pop/imap)

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vyus May 2nd, 2006
any reason why you chose wordpress?

i want to start up my own environment and a blogging engine seems to be the most effective way to present the info. i've only considered having a server be run in-house on LINUX and using my fiber-optic line for bandwidth. Probably me more expensive that way, but I get security.

iamom May 3rd, 2006
I chose WP because a few sites whose design I really like are set up on it (e.g. http://101cookbooks.com); furthermore, I've heard from a few users that it's quite easy to customize the styles and layout (easy CSS integration, lots of nice design templates, etc.).

If LJ was easier to customize, I probably would have used that, if for no other reason than I love the LJ Client I use, Semagic.

What are you planning to build? What's the content you're going to be providing?

vyus May 3rd, 2006
i will check out WP!

i'm building a board for a few people to discuss economics, markets & finance. probably with an initial emphasis on global markets, real estate, equities and derivatives which is the experience of the folks involved. limited user base w/ security so bandwidth isn't terribly important.

it's an experiment to get folks together who do things rather than just banter. i find people who are interested in doing things with their money are more practical with less to prove.

tossing around the idea of building a personal server that also houses photos, other stuff and have this piggyback on top of it.

Totally unrelated

starskin May 3rd, 2006
And also totally shameless self-promotion, but I wanted to share one of the songs my friend and I did a few weeks ago. I'd really like your opinion as a musician. :)

I was going to leave an incomprehensable but lovely German piece, but thought you might like Summertime better.

And just a note, this was the last song in the program and I was literally dying of thirst! But that aside, hope you enjoy. ;)

/shamless self-promotion

Dreamhost rocks for service

(Anonymous) May 9th, 2006
I signed up with dreamhost.com as well and love it! They are the best hosting service I have found so far. I found a DreamHost Promo Code "DH2006" that took care of most of the setup fees - DH2006.

The dreamhost promo code DH2006 saves $67.00 on the yearly plans and 40-to-50 on the monthly plans.

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