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Dustin LindenSmith

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riker muzzle

From the notebooks of Jerry Katz, via the Highlights

Jerry Katz is the original indexer of contemporary Advaita Vedanta, or modern-day Nonduality. He started the website Nonduality.com in 1997 and has been updating its content of nondual resources, scriptures, teachers and writings almost every day, ever since.

In Issue #2469 of the Nondual Highlights, Jerry included some writings of his own on nonduality. Seeing his own writing on nonduality is a bit of a rarity, since his primary outreach has traditionally focused on distilling the sages' teachings (and that of other authentic modern teachers) into understandable and presentable formats for the layperson. I always find it a pleasure to read his own words on the topic, though.

Some of my favourite quotations from the excerpts he included are below:
Some people have tremendous gifts of communication and influence. Those gifts are separate from realization. There must be all kinds of tremendously wise realized people who never speak of their knowings. They're not teachers, gurus, artists, or poets.

People are in awe of genius and probably should be, but to be in awe of realization or enlightenment is a hindrance. For example, you can be in awe of someone who is a hyped-up, dazzling, charming speaker on the subject of getting rich in real estate, but it's a hindrance to be in awe of the reality that you can buy a house and make a profit from it. There has to be separation between the speaker and what they're talking about. Buy the steak, not the sizzle, is what I'm saying.

I don't think the ego crap ever goes away: the reactivities, the heartbreaks, the anger, the problems that were never dealt with, the psychological knots never undone, the fears and anxieties, the need for approval, and all that crap. I don't think it goes away once and for all. It arises.

If someone says they feel absolutely no emotion, no reactivities, absolutely no arisings at all, why did they even bother to tell you? Something must have arisen, for chrissakes.

The only way for me to sit in my room and deal with who I am, is to allow everything to be and to spend as little time as possible trying to figure out what's wrong or what went wrong. I really don't have a technique. Just try to see the problem.
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vyus May 15th, 2006

good stuff.

mystical realism.

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