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Dustin LindenSmith

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Criss Angel trick -- pulling a woman apart at the waist

Snopes just wrote this up. It's NUTS:


Watch the video and try to figure out the illusion. I can't get it.

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grammardog June 23rd, 2006
I watched that video four times last night trying to figure it out! It's driving me crazy. Snopes does point out that all people and details in the video are important, even if they seem not to be, but that clue isn't helping me.

iamom June 23rd, 2006
I know! I just can't figure it out...

grammardog June 23rd, 2006
If you do, let me know. It's really bothering me.

iamom June 23rd, 2006
Look at all the comments to ths entry and you'll see vyoma's explanation, which holds water for me. I do, however, really want to know how he crawls through a plate glass window. (The link to that is on the other comments too.)

grammardog June 25th, 2006
I'll accept vyoma's explanation for trick # 1. However, the plate glass thing has now replaced it as the thing I will think about when awake lying in bed at night.

iamom June 25th, 2006
I don't have any clear explanations for it, except that the guy who goes inside the room with him is obviously part of the trick, and even though it doesn't look like it, I'm sure that that guy is removing part of the glass and putting it back right after he climbs through. The piece of paper in the dumpster is a staged prop too, I think.

This stuff is really making me bitten my a magic bug, I have to admit.

(Anonymous) March 2nd, 2008
I can tell you how it's done, but I hate to ruin the magic for you.

iamom March 3rd, 2008
Please, ruin away! I really do want to know!!!

vyoma June 23rd, 2006
Most of the people in the video are plants, not random passersby.

The woman in the video is really two objects; the one in the top half of the body is an individual like Rosemarie Siggins. She suffers from a congenital condition in which the lower half of the body doesn't form correctly. The legs are prosthetics.

Note that in the beginning of the video that Criss Angel rejects the first woman chosen because she's "too short." Now, ask yourself... what difference does height make? It doesn't, of course. The point is that it discounts the rather odd body proportions of the woman eventually chosen as the subject. Look carefully at the video again, particularly at the way the woman holds her arms when she first lays down on the bench and how the assistants handle her while she's lying down. Don't the woman's arms look unusually short in proportion to her overall height?

iamom June 23rd, 2006
Hey man, I think you've got it. I also figured that the woman who was split was a plant, as was the woman who was holding her feet. I noticed that the woman holding her feet didn't actually pull, she just held onto the feet. And of course, if you're right in that the legs are prosthetics, then the woman holding her feet would definitely need to be a plant.

Can you explain the one where he crawls through a plate glass window, though?

vyoma June 23rd, 2006
Not without seeing it first...

criss angel

(Anonymous) July 28th, 2006
this is all well and good, but in this case, how do you explain when he does the same trick with a huge saw blade, and performs it on himself? surely he doesn't have the same condition as the woman he pulls apart?

if you work it out, PLEASE let me know.

here's a link to the vid. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRdv_VNPe7g&search=criss%20angel

prosthetic legs

(Anonymous) April 7th, 2008
I too thought the legs were prosthetics but look again- the toes wiggle after the woman is "pulled apart". I was wondering if there were any way the lower half was a separate person but talk about out of proportion!

Re: prosthetic legs

(Anonymous) May 22nd, 2008
problem is also that if she would suffer from this congenital deformality, how does she walk over to the bench. If prostetics have possibilities like that its electrically hooked up to nervous endings, and I don't think its common. It is the best solution however and I agree. The way he holds her head as she gets down also implies the legs aren't her. His knocking on her hips can be a trigger for open the prostetics. Really annoying.

criss angel trick revealed

(Anonymous) June 18th, 2008
1. Everyone was in on it.
2. watch this video with better resolution and you will see that the woman they chose from the audience is not the same woman walking away on her hands

Re: criss angel trick revealed

(Anonymous) July 24th, 2008
This is simpler than you think. The subject woman is: somewhat tall, wearing a long skirt on a hot day as opposed to normal wear of the other people? This is how it is done:

1. There are two women involved: a> The woman on top who has a deformity of being born with no legs or hips: I researched this and there are at least a few people with this condition. b> The woman on the bottom is simply a contortionist bent over forward, it is a simple position for such a person. Hence the long skirt to hide her- it is just the right length.

2. There is an appliance forming a fake "waist" to which the skirt is attached, and allows the stable platform holding the two women together so they can move together. Obviously it was well rehearsed for movement.

And it really is that simple!

(Anonymous) February 17th, 2009
This stunt I believe was done purely for the camera i.e. everyone was in on it and combine that with some pretty good acting. The woman seen walking to the bench is a whole woman, the way she walks and sits/lies shows she must've been attached at the waist and they are her real legs. Cue a timely video edit and she's replaced with a contornist on the bottom and an amputee woman on top. Notice how when she's pulled apart, the woman pulling her holds onto her as does the woman on the bench, and she 'lowers' her to the ground, before suddenly screaming and running off. The legs sit up (which have suddenly become taller compared to the woman next to them) and note you never see the back of them. All in all very good though!

Rose Siggins

(Anonymous) June 4th, 2010
the woman is the key to the trick. Google Rose Siggins and you'll get the story. She has no legs, born with a genetic defect, and is the only one that can do the trick.


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