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Dustin LindenSmith

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The arrival of Barley Sage

It's official -- we have a new puppy! His full kennel name is Wildbrook's Barley Sage and his call name is Barley. (Foodie name, eh?) His dad is a 90-lb chocolate Lab and his mom is a 70-lb yellow Lab. So we expect him to be maybe a bit bigger than Riker, who's 70 lbs. And Riker already feels huge, so this will be fun! Barley's about 12 weeks old right now.

We picked him up on Monday afternoon, so he's only had two sleeps with us so far. He's settling in quite well with the family, though -- Z loves him, Riker's still a bit ambivalent but warming up a bit more each day, and Barley has barely had any accidents in the house so far -- although we take him out about every two hours around the clock.

We have a small crate set up for him in the front hall with a small area for him fenced off by baby gates. At night we bring the kennel upstairs to our room. He has a very sleepy circadian cycle right now -- he plays for about a half hour, goes outside for a pee and/or poop, then crashes in his kennel for a long nap. He's absolutely adorable, as you can see. We're very excited to have him here.



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willowing July 5th, 2006
I do believe my head just exploded...

mimesis July 5th, 2006
so cute...!

very beautiful Lab...good choice. :)

vyus July 5th, 2006
aaah! puppy!

congratulations! now you get to go through puppyhood again!

aaah! :)

grammardog July 5th, 2006
He is absolutely gorgeous.

jaipur July 5th, 2006
oh boy. Deliciously cute!!! Have fun with him!!

starskin July 6th, 2006
That....that can't be real. Nothing is actually that cute.

fireceremony July 6th, 2006

He is a big puppy!

And so incredibly heart meltingly cute!

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