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Dustin LindenSmith

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flying by

Rotary Stampede BBQ in Calgary

I just wanted to post this for posterity and out of pride. My father-in-law has been volunteering extensively for the Rotary Club since retiring a few years ago, and one of his projects is to organize and produce the numerous fundraising Stampede BBQs that Rotary hosts during the Calgary Stampede. He just sent us an aerial shot of his largest production, and I thought it was pretty impressive.

A lot of organizations contribute goods and staff to the event, including Safeway, who donates a huge trailer free of charge to transport goods and food. Last year they raised almost CA$500K for various Calgary charities for the event. It looks like a huge rock concert to me!

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starskin July 5th, 2006
Some more Wilco for you.

I've only been to Alberta. I've always wanted to go to the Calgary Stampede. The redneck in me still loves rodeos. Except calf roping---I never could get into that.

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