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Dustin LindenSmith

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off the wall 1979

The history of the "Amen" drum break, or a brief history of hip-hop and drum sampling

This video is great. It's mainly for listening (i.e. not much to look at), and it covers in detail the history of a particular drum breakbeat from 1969 which has become, in the words of the narrator, a ubiquitous part of the pop culture soundscape. It's excellent. And it concludes with an interesting commentary on modern directions in copyright law.

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afx August 2nd, 2006
Taken from somebody's myspace page:

"BoH!" is an exclamation used in drum & bass that originally comes from the Jamaican dancehall. "BOH!" is said when a 'selekta' and/or dj throws down a jam that is hot. Originally dancers in a dancehall would exclaim "Boh, boh, boh, boh!" loudly as if letting off gunshots for a selekta in exhiliration and out of respect. Usually this would be followed by a dj "rewinding" (aka THE REWIND!) a record and replaying the hot record from the beginning (This is also done in dnb). In the world of dnb it is used the same way but also used to express excitement and/or give props. So there you have it Jomeline. A brief history on the origins of "boh". Boh! indeed.

iamom August 2nd, 2006
Heh -- cool...

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