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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Dateline: Haifa

Per this post in israelnorthblog:
Telephone is ringing at the office. Branch manager picks up the phone. Stern female voice on the line:
- I'm a very sick person and I need medicine!
- No problem! We are open until five o’clock today with any interruptions. If it’s more convenient for you to come to our branch B – it’s open until one.
- You don’t understand me! I need medicine. I can not go to pharmacy NOW!
- Why?
- Are you stupid? Because they are bombing! I’m afraid! And I’m sick too!
- Hmmm. And how can I help you?
- Deliver the medicine to my home!
The branch manager tries to explain office rules to the customer ("but I’m at work" – "send someone to my house" – "we don’t have delivery service" – "you’re obliged and I’m afraid to go outside")
Finally, the branch manager loses his nerves:
- You know, we are also afraid to go outside. We are hiding in the pharmacy building. Come hide with us, it’s safe here.
For the next five minutes nobody could work in the office, everyone was laughing. A hundred of customers who got over their fears and came to the pharmacy were looking at the laughing pharmacists. They understood us.
This whole sitch is crazy. Forget what I wrote before -- it's all nuts.