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Dustin LindenSmith

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Celebrity look-alikes

Got this from vyoma. Thank God I'm already married. Can you imagine me saying to a prospective date, "You'll have no trouble finding me at the café -- I'll be wearing a blue shirt. And I look just like Arthur Miller shortly before he died."

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baal_kriah August 16th, 2006
You actually do look like Magic Johnson!

grammardog August 16th, 2006
You... you're Mandy Moore.

dani_namaste August 16th, 2006
actually, the likeness to Mandy Moore is a bit unnerving.

iamom August 17th, 2006
Oh, well that's because she's my sister. Didn't you know that?

willowing August 17th, 2006
LOL - that arthur miller comment is hilarious! hee

How much fun is THIS!?

screamingmaniac August 17th, 2006
Apparently you look more like Alyson Hannigan than I do (I only got 49%)...

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