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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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musings about work

I wonder how my boss is doing. I'm torn between approaches, here. On one hand, I feel like initiating a hard intervention-style meeting with the president and/or him, demanding that we all acknowledge the reality of this situation and begin planning accordingly. On the other hand, I think I should just acknowledge the reality of the situation myself, and devise creative new ways of getting my job done without his support (he was so wrong when he said he'd be giving us more support now that he's sick - I knew he was out to lunch about that one). Then on the other hand (there are three hands?), I think I should just continue to stand back in the shadows and not really do much of anything new - just maintain the status quo.

I generally seem to be all about maintaining the status quo. It goes with my overall philosophy of life, I guess, which dictates that whatever is happening, is meant to happen, and is happening for a reason, and it's not my responsibility to question why it's happening or try to change it. It's a challenge not to become a totally passive non-participant in your own life if you take that viewpoint to the extreme, but if you remain mindful of that paradox, I think you act accordingly. I think I am, anyway, but who knows if it's successful? Being successful is only another judgement call, anyway. In the end. it doesn't matter who's wrong or right about anything.