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Dustin LindenSmith

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Sen. Allen, racist dink

Heard about this from Moby's blog (from LJ feed | blog source), wherein hopeful Republican presidential candidate Senator Allen made some racist slurs to an American cameraman of East Indian descent who was filming Allen's campaign stops while volunteering for the competitor's campaign.

The video clip in question is worth seeing:

As well as this bit of CNN commentary on it:

What a shitheel. I hope that smashed his hopes at becoming a Presidential candidate.

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ctiee August 17th, 2006
I heard about this story and it just hurts my head.

baal_kriah August 17th, 2006
Unfortunately this doesn't damage him with his constituency at all. They share his racist attitudes.

iamom August 17th, 2006
Okay, but FUUUUUCK... you shouldn't be allowed to run for President at all if you think like that. Even if his own constituents think like that, I would hope he doesn't have a chance nationally with such overt racism on board. Not to mention what that says about his judgment. Like, is he stupid? Why WOULDN'T that clip make it onto the national news, for chrissakes? What an idiot.

baal_kriah August 17th, 2006
I agree with you, but unfortunately millions of my fellow citizens are idiots, too. At least, if he ever did get to be President he probably wouldn't be able to visit India without being greeted by angry mobs. This apparently didn't mollify anyone.

(Deleted comment)
baal_kriah August 17th, 2006
I know it. Your recent governors have been nothing like Senator Allen, so clearly there's a large constituency there that doesn't share Allen's views.

iamom August 17th, 2006
Well, I know that. I've had clients from Virginia and North Carolina and they were all wonderful. Granted, we never talked politics, but still. I can't imagine that they were as obtuse as this mouth breather.

jdquintette August 17th, 2006
If Howard Dean had said something like this, Fox News would have it on a loop, 27/7. As it is, I'll bet money the whole incident is gone and forgotten by this time next month.

IOKIYAR (It's Okay If You're A Republican).

These guys usually talk in code, like Ronald Reagan's campaign speech in Birmingham, where he managed to mention 'states rights' something like 15 times. Every voter over the age of 30 in the state at that time knew 'states rights' means 'keeping the darkies in their place.'

This guy just thought he was among friends and forgot himself for a minute. This won't slow him down a bit. If the fact that his mother was raised in Madagascar and speaks french isn't a liability (can you imagine the dems running a candidate with a background like that? Rove would have a field day) then a little good-natured wog-bashing won't hurt. Anybody who kicks about it will just be branded a 'politically-correct' lefty with no sense of humor, and the guy doing the branding will be someone like David Vitter (R-Louisiana) who's east indian.

grammardog August 17th, 2006
Is he single?

iamom August 17th, 2006

Trust you to come up with a zinger like that...

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