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Dustin LindenSmith

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blue glasses

roughly one month in, I guess (or more simply, on the present time)

A few weeks ago, I found myself suddenly invested in finding an old-school weightlifting gym. Full of strong, muscular people who pumped iron in a serious way to gain muscle mass and strength.

I found that place in the form of the moderately cheese, yet undoubtedly authentic club called FitnessFX on Quinpool Road. Damn place is right next to a McDonalds, so you kind of dance with temptation at each visit to the gym.

Courtesy of my lithe, buxom personal trainer Andi, I've also discovered weight training on the ball: a series of exercises which develop muscle tone and strength throughout the body, using free weights (at low weight) for long and numerous sets, all while balancing in certain positions on the ball. Trippy experience, and a hell of workout for balance and core muscles, areas I generally neglect (among all).

Have also discovered the virtue of a treadmill for cardio workouts, particularly at high walking speeds on a steep incline. What a great way to hit target HR without wrenching your knees in a 30-min jog. And at my current weight, low impact cardio is always much appreciated.

Feeling objective increases in body strength in places I'd forgotten muscles exist, is what keeps me coming back. The positive reinforcement I've gotten after only three weeks (with 1 week of vacation!) is feeding into the motivation for going, and the two are in this perfect loop that makes me come back every day. Every day! Me, in a gym!

Writing? Haw. Music? Naw. Yardwork and home improvements? Lots of that this summer, and more to come this fall to prepare the new baby's room and set up my working space in the basement. Family visits? Hoo-boy! My mom and her sister left this afternoon and my dad and his wife arrive tomorrow evening. Prior to their arrival, my wife is hosting a BBQ at our house for several of her work colleagues. And prior to that, I need to finish painting the shed. And trimming the lawn at the edges.

So that's where I am right now. Next time, pics of my biceps.