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Dustin LindenSmith

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request for software recommendations for the Mac: to-do list with schedule + LJ client

What do you peeps use for managing your to-do list or for productivity or project tracking? I'm a recent PC switcher (happy 17" MBP owner) who doesn't want to use MS Outlook (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) but who needs a pretty good to-do list scheduler and tracker integrated into the calendar.

I've been experimenting with iCal, but don't find that the to-do list and scheduling functions are well enough integrated and the user interface is also inefficient and occasionally annoying. Google Calendar doesn't have nice to-do list integration, and I'd rather have one that resides locally on my hard drive rather than the web anyway (although I sure don't mind web-synching between two computers or just plain live web versions of my calendar and to-do list).

Your faves and recommendations are much appreciated. Along with a quick poll on what peoples' fave LJ client is for the Mac. I've been using XJournal and liking it a fair bit, although there are a few small bugs that could use some attention. Does anyone know of a Mac client that's as good as Semagic is for Windows?

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mimesis August 19th, 2006
this won't be the answer that you're looking for, because i'm mystified by the whole electronic to-do list thing. paper and pen is so much faster for a daily or weekly list.

for longer term projects, well, i guess i just track my progress with them in my head, and write due dates...um, on the paper. even if it is a digital file, there's a line at the top that says "due xx/xx/xx".

i don't even hang a calendar on the wall. i'm truly not hip to this high tech scheduling! :D

so, in all sincerity, i'm wondering: what exactly is the appeal behind these devices?

iamom August 19th, 2006
It's probably mostly because I'm on the computer so much, it makes sense to have my to-do list on there. Also, a lot of specific tasks I have are time sensitive, so having automatically dated or timed reminders is a help to me -- if it were just written on paper there'd be nothing to prompt me to do the task on time.

Heh -- I suppose I could be looking at the paper to see, but I just don't find that paper helps me as much as the screen.

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