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Dustin LindenSmith

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bad john

Holdout Bands Give In To iTunes (Wired News)


Artists like Bob Seger and Kid Rock have been bucking the trend to sell their music on iTunes because of the manner in which the album's programming and production integrity is destroyed by selling songs individually according to the iTunes model. Other issues like contractual disagreements and the like have also postponed their entry onto the iTunes marketplace.

Artists like The Beatles will probably remain out of sight on iTunes for awhile, especially because of the bad blood arising from the recent lawsuit Apple Corps (The Beatles' corporate entity) took out against Apple (the iPod and iTunes company).
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vyus August 21st, 2006
It's the final blow to album-centric sales, isn't it? Started with single-oriented radio in the 70s (well, before that, but there was a resurgance in album-centric sales then, too), then moving album artwork to CD-sized boxes/booklets in the 80s, and now finally...

I like the idea of buying individual songs but understand the album-centric concept and I do lament it. Good and bad...

If the friggin' record labels were the ones to rep their artists and push for online sales when digital music made mainstream 5 or 6 years ago, they wouldn't be in the predicament they are in now, having to be bullied by Apple into only $.99 songs and having no leverage to negotiate for changes.

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