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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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brad has nearly finished his new POP mail server

I've been following with some interest the recent progress of LJ founder brad in his quest to write a new POP mail server. I don't remember his original motivation for the project, but if it's like most of his work, he probably did this because the existing protocol sucks and he wanted to clean it up somehow. (His other motivation is sometimes just purely visionary: like hello, the LJ friends page? RSS feed reader, circa 1999. Brilliant.) At any rate, he appears to have recently wrapped up the bulk of his work on this, although I know from earlier entries that he doesn't really plan to roll out this POP mail server for general use. I think he's actually just planning to use it himself. And probably release the code for anyone else to use, unsupported.

The technospeak is practically unintelligible to me, but I still enjoy reading these posts from him. You can read the post in question here.