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Dustin LindenSmith

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Roger Ebert on Shortbus

From TIFF, Ebert just reviewed the short film Shortbus and appears to have liked it. For many Canadians, I suspect that most of our motivation to see this would be to see what Sook-Yin Lee looks like naked, having explicit sex on-screen. She's a former Muchmusic VJ and current host of CBC Radio One's Definitely Not The Opera, Saturday afternoon's weekly pop culture show. I always want to see what radio personalities look like anyway -- all the more so under these circs.

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kumaraka September 10th, 2006
holy jklda;.

Hotness. Must. See. Movie.

jdquintette September 10th, 2006
I knew Sook-Yin when we both lived in Vancouver. She was the singer in a band called Bob's Your Uncle.

I already know what she looks like naked.:-)

iamom September 10th, 2006
Holy shit man, I'm starting to think you're a celebrity or something. Aaron Neville lives around the corner from you, you've already seen Sook-Yin Lee naked... That's funny, man. When you say you knew her, were you talking in the biblical sense, then? lol

jdquintette September 10th, 2006
Sadly, no. She was dating a bass player buddy of mine, Bernie Addington, and sometimes we'd hit Vancouver's nude beach (Wreck Beach).

Darlene and I recently moved from the 13th ward to the 6th ward, and so no longer live near Art. We are about a half mile from what's left of Allan Toussaint's house though.:-)


(Anonymous) September 10th, 2006
Art Neville lives on Valence street, near our old pad. Aaron lived in New Orleans East, and as for his house "the swamp took it back."

Re: p.s.

jdquintette September 10th, 2006
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