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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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breaking free from compulsive behaviours

Breaking free from compulsive behaviours has mostly to do with present moment awareness. When we indulge in compulsive behaviours, we do so out of a perceived need (or at least, a strong desire) to escape from the current moment in some way. A need to change our level of consciousness so that it becomes different-seeming than whatever's simply happening right now.

When we overindulge in any substance -- food drugs whatever -- we're looking for something else to happen. We're trying to change our current circumstance such that it conforms to some other expectation we have. We're trying to conform generally, and we're not listening to the intelligence of our own minds and bodies.

When we ground our awareness in the present moment -- when we quiet the mind, learn to find the objective witness, and observe truly what is happening in your life at this moment -- we return automatically to our physical centre. Our bodies (and thenceforth our habits) will realign themselves to their natural baselines in all areas. And with that, physical health is realized more fully and impactfully for us personally.

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willowing September 10th, 2006

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