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Dustin LindenSmith

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tenzin gyatso

on the Montreal shooting

This CBC story calls the Montreal shooter out by name, Kimveer Gill, and mentions that they've found his blog on a site called vampirefreaks.com. He doesn't appear to have mentioned any particular motive for his heinous actions yesterday, although his most recent post yesterday morning before the shooting mentions that he's had some whiskey to drink that morning. Did this asshole, who somehow got a hold of some automatic weapons, actually just get piss-drunk yesterday morning and then decide to go have some thrills with his machine gun? Damn straight those cops shot him dead. He wasn't serving anyone. Although perhaps strangely, my heart goes out to him, in a way -- obviously he was seriously sick -- but I also find his actions to be, well, reprehensible. That's not a strong enough word, but it's accurate.

My wife and daughter and I are going to Montreal tomorrow morning for the weekend, although most of our time will be spent up north at St. Jovite, near Mont Tremblant, where some friends of ours have a cottage on a lake. I love that city -- my wife and I both went to university there and we visit the place at least once a year. I'm sure glad I wasn't there yesterday, though. We would have been roughly in that area, too -- shopping in downtown Montreal.

With all the violence in the world (particularly terrorism), I must admit that I've felt quite sheltered and secure here in Halifax, or more generally, in Canada. It's unsettling to think about such random acts of violence occurring here. Also calls to mind the brutal massacre carried out by Marc Lépine at the Ecole Polytechnique in December of 1989 that claimed the lives of 14 women.

My sympathy goes out to the girl's family who was killed yesterday, and I hope that the remaining injured recover successfully.