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Dustin LindenSmith

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How the Atkins diet works, and the relationship with peptide YY

This article from aldoushuxley came from The Economist print edition and discusses how the peptide YY may play a role in the effectiveness of the Atkins diet. The article points out in its outset that the main reason Atkins works is due to appetite suppression and not ketosis, which I already knew from a medical journal article my wife, who is a doctor, gave me last year.

But this peptide YY thing sounds interesting. Apparently it's a hunger-regulating hormone that is released in higher concentrations after a meal high in protein, and the study quoted in the linked article appears to demonstrate that hunger is suppressed with the introduction of this peptide YY.


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kumaraka September 18th, 2006
No ketosis?! wow.. but it makes so much sense. And they find ketones in the urine. Must read this article!

a_polo_getic September 18th, 2006
Please read my journal.

iamom September 18th, 2006
Aw geez, fickleasever, don't worry about it. No biggie, really. Hope you're doing okay.

vyus September 18th, 2006
i swear there's something just in terms of sugar and flour -- after a week of not having practically any, i just don't crave it. but introduce one sweet thing into my diet and WHAM i suddenly have the urge to imbibe again.

i'll have to read this article when i get a chance.

iamom September 18th, 2006
Oh yeah man, no doubt about that. The more bread and sugar I eat, the more I want. The less I eat, the less I want. And since bread and sugar aren't exactly the most healthful ways to get energy anyway, I've never thought that there's a downside to curbing intake of that stuff.

I do, however, appreciate the new data that's coming out on Atkins because it stands to reason with respect to my own experience; that diet just is not sustainable over the long term, and the second and third times I tried it seriously, it just didn't work as well as the very first time.

But anyway...

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