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Dustin LindenSmith

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riker muzzle

Cesar Millan, Zen Dog Trainer


I say Zen because he is a consummate master of the dog. I've just watched six episodes in a row of his National Geographic series, The Dog Whisperer, and let me just say that EVERY SINGLE DOG OWNER should watch this show. He is the MASTER!

I want to buy this for everyone I know, starting with my poor neighbour whose 2 year-old German Shepherd rescue still lunges at the fence at me every time she sees me. Teeth bared, ferociously barking: every single time she sees me. And dogs usually like me! This video would FIX HER!

What an amazing dude. My God.

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nobody_ October 14th, 2006
He's one of my heroes.

iamom October 14th, 2006
For REAL, man! I want to marry that guy, and I'm already married, and I'm a guy myself! I think he's the MAN.

starskin October 14th, 2006
Ah, the good ol' Dog Whisperer. :)

mimesis October 14th, 2006
heh, yes i love that show, too. and i've noticed that every single episode boils down to the same thing: the owner learns to assert dominance over their pet, in dog language. :)

not sure how well that would work with my doglets, though. they're terriers; they bark. it's part of hundreds of years of breeding. i've tried the stuff he uses in his show, and it only works as long as i'm standing RIGHT THERE the ENTIRE TIME, and even then... you know, i just can't do that 24/7.

i think Cesar needs to come to *my* house.

vyus October 15th, 2006
not a big tv person, but i did buy his book and i did get a lot out of it. it's from him that the importance of getting the dog appropriate exercise really stuck, and that basic piece of advice is what i've used for jackson since i got him.

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