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Dustin LindenSmith

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Best Scrabble score ever: 830 points

This article describes how a MA carpenter got the highest scrabble score ever, of 830 points. Incredible. Prior to this game, the world record for highest score was 770. I think my best score ever is in the 330 range, so I can't even conceive of reaching a score that high. Or of getting dealt the letters for the bingo word "jousted" on my first damn turn. Or of scoring 365 points for one word, "quixotry."

whole game board
game board here

(via the grossly addictive popurls.com)

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dani_namaste October 27th, 2006
oh my. I've gotten some damn good scores before (I kick ASS at Scrabble), but I couldn't imagine it either.

dani_namaste October 27th, 2006
The funny thing is that I know a carpenter in Lexington. Not this guy—but I was very curious to see if it was the guy I know.

(Anonymous) May 16th, 2010
I just got a score of 601. :)

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