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Dustin LindenSmith

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yale schmale

Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson take on Canada

This is kind of amazing...

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vyus October 27th, 2006
i dunno if you're aware -- ann coulter is the subject of two "i hate ann coulter" books in the US right now. one's a best seller.

vyus October 27th, 2006
we are so going to saw your asses off north america!!!

notice it ain't called "north canada" -- it's NORTH AMERICA!!

. . . . . .

these folks are nobs. fox news and its droppings are simply jerry springer in a different context.

We're not 'Americans.' We're 'United Statesians.' :-P~

jdquintette October 27th, 2006
Really? You mean I'm living in the United States of North America?

jdquintette October 27th, 2006
What I can't figure out is why that woman didn't just tell Tucker Carlson to shove it up his ass and be done with it. There's absolutely no percentage in sitting there and letting yourself be insulted by that bow-tie wearing little pussy.

iamom October 28th, 2006
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Although, when Wolf made that point about Tucker Carlson often speaking with tongue firmly planted in cheek, it made me wonder just how serious Carlson was about his comments. The dogsled comment was pure satire, in my mind. And I think he knew he had a live one on the line with Carolyn Parrish, who you may not remember had inspired that interview by virtue of her having commented publicly that Bush (and I believe she said anyone who supported him) was a moron.

Not exactly a scant-held view among my social circle and on here, but she got nailed to the cross for that one in the political scene -- she may have even been asked to leave the Liberal caucus, in which she was a minor backbencher -- but I can't remember all the details of that one anymore.

molasses October 29th, 2006
my favourite was when she appeared on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and had that little Bush doll, which she crushed underfoot.


it was silly but I had a good laugh at the time.

found you via wickeneden

baal_kriah October 27th, 2006
I'm not a violent person, but I would have a very hard time, if I met Ann Coulter, not wringing her scrawny little neck.

(Anonymous) October 27th, 2006
Ann bothers me in just about EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE. She's degrading toward her own gender, plays up feminine stereotypes and criticizes anyone who is progressive as a female (or in general) yet benefits from the same liberties she rips down. I'm pretty sure if things were as backwaters as she'd like them no one would, excuse me, give a shit what a ditzy blonde woman thought. I can't believe she's saying that about Canada. I'm so ashamed, seriously, I think it would do our foreign policy a lot of good if the first amendment didn't apply to her specifically. I wish...


iamom October 28th, 2006
Now THAT is funny: a special exclusion of First Amendment rights just for Ann Coulter.

If you see this comment, can you please refresh my memory as to how you found this LJ? You're not an LJ user yourself, are you? (If you're not, you can be pretty easily...)

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