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On Reuters now reporting from Second Life, the online gaming and role-playing community

PBS.org media journalist Mark Glaser's recent post about this topic contains links to primary sources about this story. As I understand it, Second Life is an online game with millions of players, who conduct numerous activities and interact with each other in Second Life's virtual world, up to and including romance, financial transactions, and the like. (A recent CBC Radio news story I heard mentioned that Second Life money can be converted to US dollars, too.)

This little tidbit from Mark Glaser's article jumped out at me for its obvious nondual implications:
“Now that Reuters has a correspondent actually reporting on stories from Second Life regularly, is this now becoming a real world?” she wondered. “How can you tell the difference anymore?”
Well, isn't that just the ultimate question?

If any of the Nondual Highlights editors such as Jerry read this, it'd be a trip to see the story in some day's Highlights. It's an interesting one, from a nonduality perspective.

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