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Dustin LindenSmith

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zoe looking up

career change for Z

It's odd, how little I post in here about my daughter, Zoë. She's four and a half years old now, and in two weeks or less (ack!) she'll be a new sister to her new baby brother (we think). She's a huge part of my life, obviously. But I don't devote much attention to writing about her. (I think that's because she's a perfect being of light. Words cannot express, and so on.)

It should be obvious whenever I mention her how much I love her, of course. Plus, there's always the shrine. Anyway, she and I had a fun morning together after breakfast today when I spotted her for several forward rolls, and then she followed up with three perfect ones in a row, all by herself. Moments like that, when I see pure, unadulterated joy and pleasure on her face at having conquered a feat all by herself, are The Thing.

Just lately she has recanted on a previous decision, steadfastly held since the age of 3, that she would become a doctor like her mama, work with her at the hospital, and go for lunch with her every day. Now she has decided that she wants to be a model: someone whose only job it is to wear nice clothes and look beautiful. When I told her she would be amazing at that job, she smiled brightly at me in response.

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baal_kriah October 31st, 2006
My daughter was 4 yrs. and 2 mos. when her baby brother was born, and though she's mostly been great, there have been some jealousy issues, especially around Mama's attention. One thing Zoe might like is the candle demo: Mom lights a candle and says, "This is all my love, and when I met Daddy [she lights another candle with the first one] I gave him all my love, but [indicating her candle] I still had all my love. Then, when you were born [Mom and Dad together light a third candle] Daddy and I gave you all our love, but we still had all our love. And now when the baby is born [everybody lights the last candle] we'll give him all our love, but look! We still all have all our love." It sounds kinda silly when I write it out, but believe me it really helped Rose come to grips with sharing us with Macky.

iamom October 31st, 2006
Wow Mordecai, that's a great little fable. I'm going to remember it -- thanks.

starskin October 31st, 2006
Your family is absolutely beautiful. :)

"...a perfect being of light". I wonder if my dad ever felt that way about me? Hm.

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