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Dustin LindenSmith

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jakob nielsen + hoa loranger

Jakob Nielsen on latest web growth statistics: 100 Million Websites Online as of November 2006

This recent Alertbox article discusses the growth in the number of websites each year since the Web's founding (considered here to be 1991). Jakob Nielsen (pictured in icon with Hoa Loranger) recalls the year 1994, when the web expanded by 16 thousand percent by increasing its number of websites that year from 700 to 12,000.

When I calculated the percent change between 700 and 12,000, I got 16 hundred percent, not 16 thousand. Did I do that wrong, or did he? Anyone else care to try? aldoushuxley is a bit of a math head. As are vyus, probably blorky, twid, and others.

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aldoushuxley November 6th, 2006
1,614.29 according to my calculator.

(Deleted comment)
vyus November 6th, 2006
yeah he misplaced the decimal :)

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