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Dustin LindenSmith

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zoe at 4

on the US mid-term election results, Israel + Hamas, Afghanistan, + a report and some data from Zoë

So the Democrats have won the House and may also take the Senate. Much back-slapping must have been had last night. It would be my hope that the Democrats perform strongly enough in the next two years to take the Presidency in 2008, although who knows what might happen after that.

I heard a CBC Radio news report this morning about an Israeli rocket attack made into the northern Gaza Strip. 18 people were killed, mainly from some family strategic to Hamas command. In response to this seemingly unprovoked attack, Hamas has declared that the current cease-fire between Israel and itself has, through Israel's attack this morning, become null and void. Renewed attacks against Israel by Hamas militants should be expected. And so the cycle resumes. (Good show, Israel!)

An insight about Afghanistan came to me earlier this week. Didn't the Soviets spend the better part of the 1970s and 1980s trying to quell the military resistance in Afghanistan? How can we Canadians expect that a few PRTs (Provincial Reconstruction Teams) and several hundred troops are going to be effective at "defeating the Taliban"? I wonder if the Afghani warlords (or whoever is responsible for tactics over there) laugh at the weak strength of our current forces allotment in Afghanistan.

This next snippet is typed by Zoë:

hello my name is zoe

my doll's name is annabell

11 121314

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fireceremony November 8th, 2006

Hi Zoe! I hope you and Annebell are having a good day!

I hope your dad will too. :)

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