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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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time marker

I just wanted to make a note of this period in my life for future reference. This past winter, spring, and now summer, appear to have made up the period in my life when I learned how to live peacefully in the world. It's the time when I learned how not to react to situations in my life, negative or positive. The time when I began to develop a deeper sense of understanding for other people, accepting them for who they are and where they're coming from. The time when I developed the same understanding and acceptance of myself, too: the time when I stopped judging myself for the things I do and say, and stopped feeling guilty if it didn't feel like I was doing 'the right thing.' Really, the time that I looked into myself, discovered who I was, became aware of who everyone else was as a result of that discovery, and accepted all of it without question and with my new small smile. What else could all of this be, if not nature itself?

from one gentle breath to the next
witness to the endless unfolding
nothing to say or do
no way to interfere
acting in accordance with nature
Being itself
i am OM

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dlbags June 26th, 2001
I knew you weren't a flower! Now I can put a face to your writing...
Oh and kudos on your self dicoveries, I've had one of those type years myself...

iamom June 26th, 2001
That's not really my picture actually, it's just a photo of the best-looking guy I could find on the Internet...

grammardog June 26th, 2001

You must have missed the guy with the skull on his penis.

iamom June 26th, 2001
Was that in nakedparts?

grammardog June 26th, 2001

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