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Dustin LindenSmith

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Lonelygirl15 on YouTube: fiction

I actually haven't watched more than a couple minutes of any of Lonelygirl15's videos, but I'm aware of what a sensation she has become on YouTube. What I only learned recently is that her whole story is fictional, that she's played by an actress named Jessica Rose, and that her videos are written, produced, and directed by two guys, one of whose bedroom is used for the shoot.

If you're interested, the Wired.com article where I read about this is here, and Lonelygirl15's page on YouTube is here. These guys have over 60 thousand subscribers, for Pete's sake. And I see from many of the comments on her vlog that people are mainly trying to use her +++ pageviews to promote themselves, too.

Interesting phenom, this.

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Re: LonelyGirl15

iamom November 19th, 2006
I dunno about the end of TV ad thing. I think the harbinger of doom for TV ads will be a broad proliferation of DVRs with which people will skip all ads on TV. As far as YouTube is concerned, I think they're also thinking of placing the ads at the end of the videos, but also making them very, very good ads.

This should really start to bring creative to the fore in advertising more than ever before. Unless ads are particularly entertaining or funny or moving, nobody will watch them. And that's great -- it just means that advertising will become a dramatic or comedic medium in itself, something it hasn't needed to be full-time, almost ever.

A similar thing is happening to TV drama lately, too -- the huge spread of reality TV in the past few years has shown a void that the public wants filled in the form of well-written TV drama. Thankfully, that void is finally starting to be filled this year and I suppose the last year or two with certain shows like Lost and 24.

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