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Dustin LindenSmith

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Uh-oh... were truer words ever spoken?

God, when don't I have to pay attention to this one:
Peace of mind is such an elusive prize.

There is only one way to be totally at ease in every condition of life. I will repeat that in different words. There is a certain state of mind which gives you complete command of everything that happens to you.

Are you eager to know what it is?

It is a state of mind in which you never need to prove you are right.

--Vernon Howard

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baal_kriah November 30th, 2006
One translation of the Dao De Jing has it: "A wise man doesn't need to prove his point. A man who has to prove his point is not wise."

chaizzilla November 30th, 2006
the non-need based stuff is still ok? how can anyone which is which?

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