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Dustin LindenSmith

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peace out

Happy New Year

As usual, this day doesn't feel much different than any other. We have my brother-in-law and his wife visiting this week from Calgary, and with few exceptions have been partying with them each night that they're here. I have finally become exhausted and will turn in to bed momentarily after signing off from this message.

Max is completely and utterly stealing our hearts. He's seven weeks old today. Some highlights from a recent series of photos are in my little-used LJ Scrapbook for anyone's viewing pleasure. He does suffer from some mid-evening fussies, which isn't uncommon, but on the whole he's completely sweet-natured and beautiful. His periods of quiet awake time after each feeding occasionally reach the sublime, when he gazes wistfully into your eyes for several moments and you imagine his primitive mind wondering what exactly it is that he's looking at right at that moment.

Zoë is being the perfect big sister to him, although her highly sensitive nature has been living closer to her emotional surface than we've been used to until recently. It means that we have to pay attention to her in a different way than before, and I particularly need to stay mindful of whatever action my wife might be taking with her at any given time, so that I don't inadvertently step in halfway through something and play good cop to my wife's bad.

Onward and upward, then. My friends page here on LJ, from what little I've seen of it the past few weeks, has been quite positive lately, which is nice.

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dani_namaste January 2nd, 2007
New babies are wonderful. I finally got to spend some time with my niece Patience recently (after about three years of not seeing her—long story), and it made me think about how wonderful she was as a little baby.

umbada January 3rd, 2007
Max looks amazing.

baal_kriah January 4th, 2007
He's quite handsome. Reminds me of our little Macky :-)

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