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Dustin LindenSmith

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peace out

ONE: Essential Writings on Nonduality, by Jerry Katz

I have to say that I am extremely proud to give a shout out to my great friend, erstwhile guru and the founder of Nonduality.com and the major online nonduality discussion groups since 1997 -- Jerry Katz -- for the upcoming publication of his new book of source texts and other choice writings on contemporary Nonduality. The book is about to be printed, but you can pre-order copies at the following links on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com already! I'm very psyched for him, not in the least because as an aspiring writer myself, I totally appreciate that he has attained print status.

Congratulations, Jerry!

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fireceremony January 8th, 2007

That's very cool! ^_^

The cover looks very nice and the content looks to be interesting, drawn from a great variety of courses.

Do you have any idea when the book will be available?

iamom January 9th, 2007
It's literally at the printer now, so I'd guess within the next 4-6 weeks, unless some delay pops up.

fireceremony January 11th, 2007

Fabulous! :)

Thanks for letting me know!

umbada January 9th, 2007
Thanks for mentioning the book. I haven't begun any kind of marketing yet. I will be sending copies to people who contributed material, even though everyone I invited to contribute writings had their material end up on the cutting room floor. That's the publisher's/editor's job I guess. The book of writings left out is as good if not better and includes a few of the most well known teachers and sages in the nondual world.

I need to decide what to do with the writings that were invited and not included in the book. I might ask each contributor what they would like done with their contribution.

The book is tight, filled with a collection of excellent writings on the teaching of nonduality, and is accompanied by light introductory and transitional writings by myself. I try to keep my writing in the background, providing context for the kinds of writings in the book. I don't analyze or compare the nondual writings from different traditions. They are given for people to have and appreciate. The writings are very diverse. They don't all sound the same. They are powerful and intense. People unfamiliar with nonduality will find some of the writings too much to handle. I didn't compromise the most radical nondual expression. At the same time I've included the accessible stuff which contains some kind of handle or actual knowing to hold.

I try to provide some context so that there is understanding of the apparent contradiction when one text says "You do not exist," and another describes practices for people to do. No single chapter, as a whole, is available on the internet, so that gives the book extra value. I say "as a whole" because there might be fragments on the internet somewhere.

I think this marks the first attempt to market the book. Once it's in print, I'll be putting out google ads and mentioning it to everyone I meet.

fireceremony January 11th, 2007

Congratulations on completing the book!!! :)))

It looks to be a very interesting and fresh and diverse collection indeed!

Your approach in making comments to the chapters sounds very wise.

And thank you for telling us a little bit about the perspective of the book and the range of the writings. It'll be very interesting to see this collection, especially because of the diversity of authors and approaches.

I'd like to order one in for the store when the print is ready.

And since you mention that "I will be sending copies to people who contributed material", does this mean I will get a copy too? :)))

umbada January 11th, 2007
Yes! I'll send you a copy for yourself and a couple for the store as samples. I probably won't be receiving my copies until mid-February so it'll be a little while. Thanks for asking.

fireceremony January 16th, 2007

That's very generous of you! Thank you very much!

I'm looking forward to seeing the book.

But I think when I order for the store, I should definitely pay you for it. If you plan to distribute the book via Baker & Taylor Online, I can order the store copies from there.

umbada January 19th, 2007
You're welcome! I'll have to find out about Baker and Taylor.

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